Gallery Systems is pleased to announce the release of TMS Media Studio.

Media Studio is a powerful Digital Asset Management (DAM) system that uses the same database as The Museum System (TMS), the world’s leading collections management solution, to give clients the ability to efficiently consolidate, download, annotate, and share media.

“We are excited to offer this easy-to-use software that facilitates the intuitive management of digital content,” says Jay Hoffman, CEO of Gallery Systems. “Media Studio brings DAM functionality to institutions of any size. Media Studio uses the same database as TMS, eliminating the need for external integrations and reducing time spent on configuration and deployment.”

Media Studio is browser based to deliver secure user access. With Media Studio clients can:

  • Efficiently handle digital media
  • Add media using a simple drag-and-drop interface
  • Annotate images with text and graphics while preserving the original file
  • Manage rights and reproductions
  • Access live collection information in TMS

Media Studio also promotes the management of web images for better digital publishing workflow. Pairing Media Studio with eMuseum, the Gallery Systems web publishing toolkit, strengthens online collections, making them more accessible and engaging.

“Media Studio helps clients make the most of their digital content, creating better connections between institutions and their collections, and wider global audiences,” adds Hoffman.